Friday, June 23, 2023

The link between Creativity and Divinty

 Dear Godd, Goddess

If you find yourself at the beginning of a spiritual journey, uncertain yet eager to unlock the god within you, it's important to understand the profound relationship between creativity and divinity. You may ask, how does the act of creating relate to the notion of a divine being? Let's dive deeper to unravel this connection.

Firstly, let's imagine the concept of God, or divinity, as a force of ultimate creation. Throughout various traditions, divinity is often attributed to the creation of the universe, life, and everything we perceive as reality. This association inherently links divinity to an act of creating, an act of transforming nothing into something - essentially, creativity.

As humans, our creativity sets us apart. It enables us to bring new ideas, solutions, and works of art into existence. In this sense, each time you engage in a creative act, you are embodying a divine attribute - you are acting as a creator, a small-scale god in your own right.

However, it's not just about creating; it's also about the process. The act of creation involves tapping into your deeper consciousness, a realm beyond the everyday mundane. This connection with your inner self, your thoughts, and your emotions while creating, mirrors the spiritual practice of meditation or introspection. It's a state of flow, where the self merges with the work at hand, and time loses its meaning. Many describe this as a spiritual experience, a moment of transcendence where they feel connected to something larger.

Let's take painting as an example. A painter, while immersed in their art, brings forth something unique that didn't exist before, something that is a direct translation of their inner world. This ability to create, to bring forth new reality, is a divine act, echoing the mythologies of gods shaping the universe.

Furthermore, creativity encourages empathy and understanding, key qualities often associated with enlightened, divine beings. To create is to understand and express different perspectives, emotions, and experiences. This capability to empathize and express, to shape and be shaped by our understanding of the world and others, connects us deeply to our shared humanity, and ultimately, to a sense of divinity.

Creativity is not just about artistic pursuits. It's a way of thinking, a way of being. Whether you're solving a complex problem, cooking a new recipe, writing a journal entry, or dancing freely to your favorite song - these are all acts of creation.

As you embark on your spiritual journey, consider the act of creation as your spiritual practice. Embrace creativity in all its forms and see each act as a step towards realizing the divine within you. As you align with this creative energy, you'll find your perspective broadening, your empathy deepening, and your connection with your inner god strengthening. Remember, you are not just a being in the universe; you are a universe in a being, capable of infinite creation.

Embrace your inner creator, and you embrace your path to divinity.

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